Update regarding Omni Node (Sails v7 Wallet)

Recently an edge-case bug was triggered on the Omni Core Node which we run for the Safe Exchange Coin wallet (v1 to v7), causing it to fail. This affects the Bitcoin/Safe Exchange Coin/ and Migration systems in the wallet triggering the SYNC ERROR, PLEASE REFRESH and red dots at the SAFEX and BTC positions indicating the inability to connect to the respective blockchain networks.

This does not affect SFX/SFT Orbiter wallet or the Safex Blockchain.

Whilst this was an extreme edge-case bug, it wasn’t until recently that it triggered for us for the first time ever. Therefore we’re taking the opportunity to update our Omni Core Node to version 5 which addresses this bug.


The node is currently resynchronising and expected to be back online within the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience - we will post again once everything is back online.