Updating CLI/RPC wallet to be v7 Compatible

For anyone who runs a CLI wallet, the transition to the v7 version of safexd requires the wallet owner to regenerate their walletname file after they update to v7 of safexd and cli-wallet.

I’ve spoken with Igor, and got the following instructions…

As we added advanced functionalities to the wallet, it now stores a different data so it cannot be read.
The simplest solution is to remove wallet data file and resync.
So don’t remove keys and addres file
Only data - So the data file is the walletname file without the .keys extension
The biggest file in the wallet folder :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Wallet sync should be a few minutes max, so that shouldn’t be a problem

I followed these instructions for my own CLI wallet and it worked faultlessly.

The only thing I noticed is that the newly regenerated walletname file didn’t automatically appear in my folder, so I simply typed save in the open wallet and the new file appeared in the folder instantly.

It’s quite possible that the wallet would’ve also auto saved on exit, but I didn’t test this process.


Same instructions for anyone running an RPC wallet also.