USA F.C.C. announces to appeal Net Neutrality

F.C.C. announces plan to appeal Net Neutrality allowing companies to control what we can see. For obvious reasons,these ramifications could be huge. Those in the U.S. call your congressman today! If this does pass, what are people’s views on Safex marketplace and the cryptosphere in general?

Government is known to use a bullcrap argument like porn or drugs prevention (which is in 0.01% of cases) to spy on 99.99% of regular Joes. I don’t know about you guys, but I got the chills once I found out the Snowden stuff.
Anyhow, I’m sure there is gonna be a sub-section 8 on the 54th page that covers this, and will deal with the ability of those ppl to rumsack trough your private finances.

Even if the government doesn’t abuse it, they are effectively making a register and if it got in the wrong hands - terrorists, hackers, hostile nations, we’d be in trouble.

I just think this elevates the NEED for a safe trading currency!