Use your Safex to purchase products and services!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update as we continue working diligently on our projects (Music listings + heat treatment priority spots for the Oil Industry) for the upcoming Blockchain.

Please note that the following businesses now accept Safex for payment - through our company.

In the past few days we’ve had some interesting conversations and we were able to wrap some resellers deals, which means that you can purchase the products and services of the following companies through my own by using Safex for payment. Expect the list to become a bit longer as we engage in more conversations and strike more reseller deals.

  1. ERP Next - ERPNext covers all the features you need to run a small or medium business.

  2. Voxter - Business VoIP

  3. ZeroSpam - Industry leaders in email security.

  4. Yubico - 2FA devices

  5. OSM networks - A full service website design, development and hosting company located in Belleville, Ontario.

  6. Uniden Boosters - Cellular Booster Technology providers


You are not dealing directly with the aforementioned companies but rather you are purchasing their products and services through us using your Safex (we are resellers).

If there is a service or product that you would like to purchase, please contact us via email or call us to let us know what it is.

We will provide a quote for that product or service, in Safex, and provide a transfer address.

Upon payment, we will contact our providers and make the required arrangements for online delivery or shipping.

I will answer any questions you may have below :slight_smile:


My email:
Phone Number: 1 855 917-7535
Use our website’s Help Scout Icon at the bottom right to get in touch with us :slight_smile:


Like it keep up the good work!

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Awesome. Appreciate the support! :slight_smile:

So the system is to pay you the Safex, and then you buy the goods and send it yourself to the buyer or am I wrong?

Basically I am just a reseller, but a reseller with a twist - I accept Safex!

I will process the payment, then send the items immediately if I have them in stock, otherwise make arrangements with the aforementioned companies for quick delivery.

But if you like those products and services I mentioned above, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from dealing with those companies directly :slight_smile:

Fiat or Safex… You have the option!

I emailed one of the companies listed above and they had no idea what Safex was.

So what you’re doing is buying them item the customer wants yourself, then accepting a currency which actually costs money to convert into from their fiat money, whilst taking a profit, to send back to the original buyer, which not only adds completely pointless costs to the buyer but also added level of risk with an added process from the purchase to delivery.

You’re literally doing the exact opposite of what the whole point of crypto is, I do not understand this at all


Timmy, I really do appreciate your feedback, but there’s a lot of animosity in this post, which I don’t get.

I really don’t have to go out there and do all this in order to promote Safex and after a post like this I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t get involved at all.

Did you speak to my contacts?

Am I actually converting the Safex into fiat and transferring costs to the consumer?

Am I actually making a profit doing all this?

Can a reseller choose to accept a cryptocurrency while settling accounts in fiat using his own reserves?

Your post is full of assumptions, which I am not going to challenge.

I’m just going to pull the brakes on all projects and reassess my company’s involvement, if that’s the kind of reaction my involvement will spur.


Which assumption have I gotten incorrect, exactly? The retailers above who have never heard of your business thought the same. If questioning your business, which anyone with common sense would do before sending over funds without knowing who you are offends you enough to shut down then you wouldn’t have ever gotten past the first customer. Maybe I’m wrong, and FPEGroup is entirely not-for-profit and you’re spending your own time and money to anonymously give better savings on this very random selection of products to this small Safex community and if that’s the case I salute you sir.

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What is meant by

Someone who buys a product and then sells it again. This can be with OR without the retailer/wholesaler knowing

FPE just appears to have set up his own affiliate/dropship scenario. And by accepting Safex as payment he is building up his own Safex holdings, whilst spreading awareness and use of Safex.
Well done FPE, and you don’t strike me as the type to give up based on an anonymous comment from someone you don’t know.
As Safex fans I’m sure we are all doing our bit to promote this project, whether it’s setting up a Safex News website, accepting payment in Safex, or posting to social media…

We will all be rewarded as Dan and Co. make progress and more investors and users get involved.


The next step is to distribute the commission to the SAFEX holders! :joy:

Props to you for increasing SAFEX purchases & spreading awareness.

Hi there, thats great using Safe Ex, but will you convert to Chilli Coin when it comes out as a method of payment instead of Safe Ex tokens? As paying with Safe Ex tokens is basically paying with your share of the company.