Using [insert new currency name here] outside of the marketplace

I dont know if this was assumed but…

Is it the aim that The Safe Exchange (my vote for the marketplace name) currency eventually be available to use outside an online marketplace environment? I mean… In real life! :scream: i.e. Just being able to purchase something from a shop with the latest super user-friendly Safe Exchange app?

Furthermore I assume that, say, I wanted to buy my neighbours bicycle and we agree on a price, I could then just go into said app and send him the Credits wallet to wallet… without going through the formality of creating a listing for the sale of said bicycle?

Would this kind of trading still be applicable to the dividends model? And to play devils advocate: Will people be overly happy about throwing in a 5% transaction fee for these kind of trades?


It doesn’t seem like to be that SAFEX would be appropriate for POS transactions, seems like lots of other cryptos are trying to solve that space.

If it did do that, wouldn’t make sense to charge 5% because at that point you’re only charging for the transaction fee & not for using the platform.

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