Vanilla Safex + Safex adoption

Some questions:

  1. How difficult would it be for the Safex team (@dandabek) to release a vanilla store so that anyone can set up their own version of something like TWM and integrate it into their own websites without having to consult the code/GitHub too extensively? This seems to have been tried with the 2018 alpha_shop or the TWM site git repository, so what has stalled this?

  2. Why is the above not a priority? It is obvious that adoption would occur quicker than it is now since this is Safex’s only real unique selling point in the crypto space

  3. how come updating the documentation taking so long?

Until areas such as this are addressed the adoption and price of safex will just keep dropping.


This is something that we will be working on going forward. At the moment, we will have a simple interface for merchants, and if you have some coding chops you can develop your own interfaces into the safex blockchain. But over time you will see many projects that can be used to plug and play your stores.

It is an absolute priority and also a very horizontal one, meaning that there are so many interfaces to conceive of.

Last week has been a holiday week for religious reasons for some of our team mates who are working on the documentation, it is already live Home · VanGrx/safexcore Wiki · GitHub here when Igor is back next week we will publish it to the main page and publish the link to the website.


If I may be allowed to add my option after the master has spoken (back in May)

In my point of view an adoption will have the obstacle to aquire Safex funds; right now only via the two “Exchanges” (which are buggy beyond belief …just my experience, yes I know one is owned by DanDabek, and he has lots on his plate)

ALL e-marketplaces in history achieved their major adoption through

  • dead-easy onboarding/usage
  • variety of vendors (and products to attract buyers)

I imagine vendors will be the first ones seeing the benefit of the Safex Marketplace and bite the bullet of difficult initialization of a store; but without buyers being able to purchase dead-easy and quick (without all the techStuff which comes with it) Vendors won’t see a market big enough.

Unfortunately time is also essential as others/competitors are also working on it.
Fingers Crossed for Safex (I’m with Safex since 2017 and hope the Best)

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