Very confusing for someone thinking of buying. What am I buying? Best way to buy etc

Im a usa resident. Can I buy?

secondly, which coin am I actually buying from the direct link on the safex website? And the price of it varies day to day ? Am I getting the coin or the token?

Also, then, do I still get an airdrop?

Which there was a FAQ.

Sorry to bother you guys. Left for a while and thinking of jumping back in.

Thanks in advance for some guidance.


Glad you came back :grin:

To keep it short and simple; it really depends on what do you want to buy:

  1. Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) you can buy directly from
    and this is best option if you want to buy large sum of SAFEX coins

and is also available on TradeSatoshi exchange.

This coin is on Omni blockchain, so in order to get airdrop you have to migrate to Safex blockchain by downloading latest Safex wallet and start migration process.
You will be able to convert Safe Exchange coins to Safex Tokens in ratio 1:1. For every Token you’ll receive 0.0023 Safex Cash.

  1. Safex Cash (SFX) you can buy only on Instant Bitex since you’re US resident.

  2. Safex Token is not listed on the exchange ( this could change this month).


Hockey, Hi there. Thanks for the repy !

So, Im still a candidate for the airdrop?

Will this always be the case?

Or will the airdrop cease at some point?

Appreciate the guidance.

Whoever owns Safe Exchange Coins is an airdrop candidate.
Keep in mind, you have to migrate coins before November 2019.
Also you have few tutorials on this subject, make sure you checked them out before you proceed with migration process.

I’m really glad I can help, Good luck :grinning:


Seems like tradesatoshi is much cheaper than the price at the safex website !


Tradeshatoshi is cheaper per coin, but it has a small volume, so if you buy bigger amounts it will get more expensive and it has a 300coin withdrawal fee…

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Website is more convenient and you don’t have to apply with your ID, it’s your personal decision, both have pro and cons, pick what fits better in your personal situation

It’s to protect against slippage; there was a case where someone bought 500k a few weeks ago and I wind up losing 50k since the price goes much higher on this amount.

We will be updating the site to add the Safex Token and the Safex Cash soon.


The Safex i bought previously direct from site went to my address in my old Safex wallet, I upgraded to new wallet and migrated my old Safex to new wallet (received my Safex Cash)…so if i want to buy more Safex direct from will this be able to be done directly to my new wallet (version 7) address? Thank you

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No for now it still should be an old safex address (btc one)

The new Safex addresses start with Safex

the bitcoin addresses dont have that prefix. hope that makes sense