Voting, Commenting & Trust Agent

I think the DBOT can also become an trust agent helping with escrow like so:

The thing that is missing on is that, the trust agent only gets an email when they are picked by 2 parties. I would be nice if they could also get an sms or something that warns them that time is ticking (I had to wait 3 days for a trust agent (who still didn’t show up, so I had to pick a new one)). This could also create an aditional source of income for the DBOT’s if they serve as trust agents.

To be honest I’m now a DBOT, but I still think voting & commenting is limited. There should also be a proof of participation, because if I don’t vote or comment, I’ll still get SAFEcoin due to the Safe X coin that I own. Not that I mind. So maybe the SafeX should also measure DBOT’s their input in the future.


While escrow with third parties would be desired, I hope that we eliminate a third party completely. And distinguish between third party contracts; whereas things like crypto currency exchange doesn’t require a third party for escrow, just cryptographic logic can handle escrow for cryptocurrency exchange.