Voting IN fantastic activity

Thinking from the other post about how illegal activity will be determined - how can we ensure that the safex marketplace votes IN and rewards fantastic or positive activity?

for example: I am thinking about driving to Houston to help with all of their problems right now. They dont need money, they need human beings to help pick up trash and rebuild and fix the city and the peoples lives.

Now, i dont want any token or reward or anything.

BUT, how powerful would it be if the SAFEX network was able to help with natural disaster relief or other negative circumstances by stimulating positive activity to solve the problem.

The point being, some kind of system that facilitates and rewards people for fantastic or positive activity could be a great thing to think about.

Talk about use-cases…

in a worldwide, digital, autonomous marketplace - solving major problems like this should be rewarded and encouraged, not done half-ass cuz the “govt” doesn’t have the dispensable financial value (eg Katrina).

this make sense to anybody?

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Makes a lot of sense.
Put services and money to work, family to family.

The intentions are nice but im not sure how you imagine the ‘reward’ system could be implemented? A marketplace has a seller and a buyer. Where does the individual offering their voluntary services fit into this system?

Im just curious. Anyone who offers help in times of need is a solid human being.

SAFEX could definitely implement a program similar to BTC that is a “Philanthropic” expression of BTC hodlers and rewards SAFEX members who commit time and energy to incidents such as Hurricane Harvey.

I am currently working with to encourage behavior such as this in conjunction with Micro-Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises - all of which need support in the aftermath of disasters to get economies flowing again. SAFEX could introduce a policy like this for its Chille Coin Marketplace members and SAFEX hodlers could support individuals to go out and consult with Chille Marketplace members to help them get their businesses back on track post-disaster.

In my mind, having worked in support of post-Katrina victims, when the businesses get back on track, good things happen to cities and destinations. Perhaps this is something that SAFEX could consider.

This is not to suggest that NGOs and nonprofit organizations do not deserve help, but supporting businesses can go a long way in maximizing resilience in a post-disaster environment.

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This is a nice thought but I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Still need to prove that the model works on a basic le bel and get a working prototype out.

New featues can be voted on in the future, so if enough people want that feature then Dan’s team would work on implementation.

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