Wallet 7 to TWM

I have SFT and SFX on wallet 7 after successful migration.
I installed TWM wallet.
I click restore wallet from keys.
I am pasting all keys received during migration in 2019.
I give the save path.
I confirm Deamon Host. Continuation.
I enter the password and confirm.
I press: Restore Wallet, and … nothing happens, and this button seems to be inactive.
What am I doing wrong and how to do it right.
Please help.

Have you followed the walkthrough exactly?


Sounds like a permissions issue. All I can suggest is that you uninstall and follow the walkthrough again.

Okay, I was putting the wrong (public) keys. Excuse me.

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Can you explain me the process please, how you have done it, I am a mac user. Thank you.

Plenty of information about this has been posted by Aussiesloth. Please review it carefully, as it should be sufficient to resolve any issues.

FYI, many people (including me) have had more success restoring their wallets using their seed words rather than keys.

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