Wallet Help! Safex Coins are pending since last 48 Hours

Logged into my SAFEX Wallet and still seeing that I have a pending SAFEX Coin. Made a transactions almost 48 hours ago not sure why the status still shows as pending. something looks fishy here. Please Help!

it is likely related to the fee you have put, what is your address can tell you exactly why you are pending.

Here’s the address: 16thkDJ2iK47FyC3DNznrFVmBQsemn7Uou
I do have a TX ID as well. Let me know if you need that also.

23 PM

your fee is very low that is why it is taking so long time.

So, what do I do in that case?
I’m not going to loose my Safex Coin right? Please advice.

nope, they will either come back or go through

it’s out of your hands right now

what’s with the fee? Why am I still not seeing SAFEX coin in my wallet?
I’m loosing my patience now.

I have lost all of my bitcoin amount from my Safex Wallet. Dan, I really need your help in understanding on what’s going on…for 10 days transaction was showing as a Pending. I checked my wallet this afternoon and guess what all the bitcoin amount got disappeared from SAFEX Wallet.
Here’s the address: : 16thkDJ2iK47FyC3DNznrFVmBQsemn7Uou

Our Node is down while making maintenance for tomorrow’s push, sorry about the disruption.

The pending status is because of the network congestion, which doesn’t mean you lost any coins.