Wallet message with sending tokens

What does this message mean?

unknown transfer error: not enough unlocked tokens

Hi @simcotrade welcome, what kind of wallet did you use and what version? Did it appear with sending SFX or SFT?

Please also read the latest dev updates from end of december. You cannot sync past v7 hardfork block 605700 and tx after that block will not show in Orbiter. We are waiting for the GUI version.

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Hi There
I am using the Wallet GUI Version, Orbiter Wallet v2.0.0. I was trying to send SFT. I had successfully sent some tokens about a week prior.

Click on my avatar and read through some of my previous replies. Or do a search. Already answered multiple times.


@simcotrade if you’re trying to send coins from Orbiter v2 after the 605,700 block this wallet won’t work any longer. Your coins are safe, but that wallet wont be able to make them send since we introduced the marketplace transactions.

We did not have enough time to address all of the things that we wanted given the calamities we had to deal with out of our control. If you are able, then use the command line wallet, and you can fulfill your movements, or wait it out for the TWM Wallet to arrive.


Thank you for the info any ETA on the TWM wallet?

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Updates on the wallet progress are in the weekly updates. Every effort is focussed on getting it released ASAP, but just like the leadup to the safexcore code release, you can never know for sure until it is actually ready, as a last second detected edge case bug could cause more work to be needed.

So just remember, any future dates mentioned are generally targets/goals being worked towards. They aren’t set in concrete.

It will take as long as it takes, but progress is constantly being made towards the wallet release.