Wallet problems

Hi guys,
I downloaded the safex wallet and had my safex stored in there, I accidentally copied the code that the coins where under thinking that was my private key. I now go to access my wallet and it asks me if I want to make a new wallet or import one. I cannot import as I never knew about exporting the data. I made new wallet with different password but when I paste in private key code I saved in a word document it tells me this is invalid. does this mean all my coins are gone? I’m confused.

Your tokens are still stored under the (original) public key, so they aren’t ‘gone’, yet without the dat-file or private key you won’t be able to access them (as indeed there’s nothing (valid) to import into a new wallet).

You might want to do a full c-drive search for ‘safex’ associated files and maybe you are lucky and locate either the dat-file or the txt file. I assume you use a windows operating system and if I am not mistaken, the dat-file or txt files will automatically be allocated to the ‘downloads’ folder.

Good luck!

I’m using a Mac, I’ll check my system tonight. I bloody hope so

I found a dat file. What do I need to do with it?

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You should verify the date the dat-file (safex[number].dat) was generated and see if this is of your very first wallet + transfer date. If so, import the dat-file into the newly downloaded wallet and use the original password. (I would just recommend to test it anyway; even if the date doesn’t match)

How to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7a2XL8EfGw

Thanks so much champ I got in and my 10k is there :heart_eyes:

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