Wallet Stuck on .....Loading

Wallet was fine yesterday

today, stuck on loading…

I see my available SFX but the next box says loading…

It is just the price feed, that converts the total to the $ worth. There is a glitch at the 3rd party where the price comes from.

Wallet should still be normally operational.


Thank you.

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Hi all,

are there any updates on the new wallet release? It is still stuck on loading.

Also, due to change of circumstances in my life, I am looking to sell the majority of my cryptocoins, including Safex SFT. Can someone advise where I can sell SFT for cash or bitcoin st this early stage in 2021? I am based in Australia and coinspot has haulted the trade of Safex long time ago.

thank you

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See Point 5 of my response here…

Xcalibra is currently your best choice for selling your coins.