Wallet updates? Is it even necessary?

I’m curious about updates. Typically, just about any software will have a couple ways that they update. You either click update and it will update itself, or in some cases you need to purchase the new version (typically after a year or more) and then you will get the updated and usually better version. But will there be updates to the safex wallet? Is it ever even necessary? And if so, how exactly do we update the wallet?

Yes there will be updates, you will download the new version and it will detect your safexwallet.dat file.

Therefore, we can ship a new version easier.

What happens if you’re away from the internet, deep in the Amazon, on a six month medicinal exploratorium and you don’t update; What happens to the Safex?

They exist on the blockchain either way, so as long as you still have your private key you should be able to come back and maneuver your coins.

Thanks for your quick response, I appreciate that. One more quick question. With all the fake emails from slack and all the scams where is the safest place to download the new version of the wallet and how can I be sure it’s not a corrupted copy?

best place to download the wallet, actually the website also pulls the download from github