I have still all my Safex Tokens and Cash on wallet 7 after positive migrate in last year.
Are they safe here?
Do I have to do anything yet if I don’t want to sell them yet?

Well, the v7 wallet isn’t capable of giving access to the new blockchain SFT and SFX, but the migration table simply populated from a script that goes back to you setting your halves during the migration process.

The current wallet is orbiter v2, however… so long as you have your address and private keys stored/backed up securely, then you don’t really need to do anything if you don’t need to move your coins.

You can indeed just wait for the release of the TWM wallet and restore your new address there.

Thanks, so I’m waiting for TWM and better price (1$) :slight_smile:

Is v0.0.7 wallent not syc Any more? We can’t use it for btc now

Seems not. Guessing the nodes have been shutdown.

You can simply restore your old btc/Omni Safex address into any BTC wallet to gain access to remaining BTC on there.

It was cool to use. Nostalgia.