Wallet wrong password

I’ll keep this short,

I bought around 30,000 safex awhile back and logically wrote down the wallet password. This wallet was saved on a laptop that was wiped and given away to a family member. I spent time with trading other cryptocurrencies and mostly forgot about safex, and recently seen various youtube reviews on safex. I’ve tried to download the wallet and enter the password as I’ve written it down, letter for letter, number for number. Every capital and lowercase letter is carefully and neatly written. I guess you can see where this is going where the password would not work. Could anyone help me with this or am I screwed and lost my bitcoin/safex?

Yeahhhh password isn’t enough I’m afraid. You would need to import the wallet using the private key. I don’t suppose you wrote that down too? :roll_eyes:

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I have access to the e-mail associated with the account but I can’t find the private key, no.

Wallet file is nothing more than encrypted version of your private key and is password protected. When that one gets wiped, you can download a new wallet and import the private key. As suggested above: Do you have your private key?

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Then I fear it’s game over… sorry to hear that.

The private key is only accessible when logged into the wallet. So it is something that you would have got from the original wallet.

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