We ARE the Exchange!

These are my thoughts for consideration…

3 months ago, I wrote about centralized exchanges coming under pressure. These exchanges must make hard decisions for self preservation. I don’t know why Bittrex is delisting SAFEX but it doesn’t change the fact that it is happening on Dec 15th 2017.

There have been suggestions to get on other exchanges. I thought the mission of SAFEX is to be a decentralized marketplace. Unless this has changed, aren’t we the solution to our own problem?

Why can’t we sell SAFEX coins for BTC on the SAFEX Marketplace?

@dandabek I know we can do a basic (buy / sell) posting mechanic. But the golden egg is a (bid / ask) auction mechanic.

As a trader, you understand how central exchanges use proxy tokens to enable zero cost trading “in-house” and only pay blockchain fees upon coin withdrawals. Maybe there is a way we can simulate this in a decentralized way?


I thought that was the problem that BitShares was supposed to solve…

…wait, didn’t they get delisted from bittrex too?



Why can’t BitShare just add us? They’re decentralized right? so should be no regulation