We are the pioneers of the Safex marketplace

Since joining the Safex community back in December, I have learnt a great deal about the scale and depth of the Safex ecosystem. My recent studies in Banking & Finance have taught me a great deal about the financial system and I have come to conclusion that it is a Pozi scheme in disguise. Its full of collusion, corruption and money is only concentrated to the select few. This really has to end… Monetary systems will dissolve and crypto will replace them.

Discovering Safex was a huge revelation for me and It has led me to believe that we are in fact the initial pioneers of crypto-commerce. These are exciting times, but as a community we have the responsibility to lay the foundations of the Safex marketplace. Once the Safex marketplace opens in springtime, we as Safex holders will be able to create our own title market… This is both a huge opportunity and responsibility. We must be rational in our approach when creating, developing and promoting our very own title markets. Remember, WE are Safex… From what I am seeing, it is Dan & the teams task to initially create the Safex marketplace, and its ours as a community, to grow the Safex marketplace.

This is my thought process on planning to create, develop and promote a Safex title market;

  1. Select the title marketplace that you are passionate about or have a lasting affiliation towards.
  2. Select the necessary sub-titles that your title marketplace will need, irrespective of your affiliation with them or the amount of Safex tokens that will be needed to create them all.
  3. Perform thorough detailed analysis into the e-commerce statistics, respective of your title market and the sub-title markets.
  4. Develop your case into why crypto-commerce will be a better option, compared to e-commerce, for your title market and sub-title markets, for both buyers and sellers.
  5. Analyse the sellers/wholesalers/majorplayers/buyers in your title market and sub-title markets, understand their behaviours, the market sentiment and figure out how you plan to communicate with them, in order to adopt them onto the Safex marketplace.
  6. Develop your Safex promotion resources: Landing page website, business cards, linkedin info, Safex marketplace email/contact number etc…
  7. PROMOTE YOUR MARKETPLACE… Owning a Safex marketplace is now a part of your week to week activities, it should even be day-day.

I am most likely on the lower end of the age spectrum in this community, so please correct me if I am misunderstanding something. However, I plan to spend a great deal of my future time into becoming a title market owner and I will be effective in my approach, as I expect all of you future title holders to be too. I hope to hear your thoughts and ideas in creating, developing and promoting your Safex marketplace.

Cheers Safexians.


Post Launch of the marketplace will be just only support of the commerce aspects of cryptocurrency revolving around Safex Cash.

Thanks for this post, it is a positive and healthy train of thought.


I gotta admit it, it’s well thought out. Being pioneer on Safex marketplace sure will feel like we’re part of a revoltion.