Website issues and why?

Why are there unresolved ongoing issues with the main website and also why is there an issue when trying to link to the forum from the main website?
These are not issues that should be ignored. They have been ongoing for months now.

Why am I being an ar@hole about it?
Because in my mind any potential interest will evaporate when potential clients see:
‘Warning Potential Security Risk Ahead’ followed by SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

[mc4wp_form id=“2067”]
[mc-subscribers] explorers are already signed up

There is no ‘Privacy Policy’ up nor is there any ‘Terms & Condition’ up

This is not a professional look!

This is constructive criticism from a long term invested holder of both SFX and SFT


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Limited resources and competing priorities @Stiches

Focus has been targeted on marketplace code.

Once MP code is sorted, I have no doubt that focus will shift to ensuring the web presence looks sweet.

To that end, there’s currently a concerted effort by members of the Safex community to create various language translations of the webpages.

Grass roots teamwork :muscle:


Come on, please…
If we can’t cross the t’s and dot the i’s at this stage then how can we possibly insure a multi language platform moving forward??

Don’t make excuses for others… and we are talking about highly talented programmers here for which these cosmetic issues should be fodder!!
And pull your head out of the sand while you are at it!! (All due respect) This is an investment we are all invested in.

My call to those above is to maintain the standard across the board!! Anything less is unacceptable… Especially the features of our shop front which is at the end of the day our web presence!

Again, constructive criticism.


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Hey there @Stiches this error will only occur for us old timers.

On our computers is Cached the old version of the certificate. We have a system on there that is redirecting people reliably from to successfully.

There are a bunch of typos we are aware of, at one moment we were a team of 8 but it was not aligned; today we are a developer team of 4 of us guys right now, and we’re not galvanizing and completely into this.

We’re going around through all the tasks, moving forward on all fronts. Looking forward to expanding next year our capacities to execute more.

I hope I understood your point, Thank you!

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I appreciate the response, thanks. My point was, and from what you wrote you are addressing the issues when you can… my point was that from the outside looking in it would be anyone’s first impression.
It’s all good for forum members etc who know of the small glitches here and there. But for an outsider who may happen to be a possible future client its not a solid look.
Ultimately it equates to value on many levels made or lost.

Anyway, I said my peace and I appreciate yours and the prior response.