What about HITbtc?

I like this exchange, a lot of coins are trading
As far as I know, this exchange is not as strict as Bittrex / poloniex
And there are small commissions in HITbtc
We need new, and most importantly - stock exchanges with good volumes

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I think they charge a heavy listing fee, I’m not 100% sure.

And reports of the difficulty people have withdrawing their coins.

hitbtc use hidden fee they say our fee %0.1 but they take %1 more pair’s

Yesterday I threw bitcoin on my hard wallet
withdrawal was several hours, no problems

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Do you think this is a problem?

I am not sure on the funds if any at all that are available for exchange listing fees

Guys, which exchange will be left for trading, since bittrex gonna remove SAFEX? Is safex also gonna be removed from Cryptopia?

HitBtc is crapp, worst GUI ever and fees are very high

Did you sign the petition ?

Let’s have a vote in a poll. After that we can discuss the pro’s and cons of the best options.

Yes, so great it reached over a 1000 today!

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they do charge heavily :stuck_out_tongue: We dont need an exchange guys! We are hodling :wink:

better to put that money into development! :smiley:

without NORMAL new exchanges, the coin does not have a bright future - it should be clear even to the child

Did you not see the joking side of my post with all the smilys? If you are colorblind and the smilys just melt into the background i understand, but otherwise :wink:

Ofcourse we need exchanges. even “the child” would understand that… or well no, children dont get cryptos :wink:

I’m using HitBTC for almost 2 years on daily trading. They have some issues, but than again every other
exchange has.
Overall i’m satisfied with them and got nothing major to complain about.

I think dan has it worked out, I wouldn’t worry.
An exchange or 2 will come just be patient