What about SAFEX competitors?

What are the SAFEX competitors and what are the SAFEX advantages ?

there’s plenty of decentralised marketplace coins coming out now, initially i guess BitBay, Syscoin would be the most advanced at the moment?

But none with the elements that makes safex such a good choice to win in this space.

Anonymity and privacy would be the strong advantage that Safex has

While Safex is indeed different than its current competitors, I feel it’s foolish to dismiss competition so quickly.

Yes, Safex derives competitive advantage from its privacy, but that doesn’t mean current competitors don’t have a greater advantage due to thier early start or that future competitors won’t eclipse Safex in terms of adoption.

Current competitors have a competitive advantage by nearly a year, which shouldn’t be written off so quickly. Future competitors may take the privacy of Safex (not difficult, Cryptonite) and whatever works for us and impliment it at an accelerated rate. This is why I believe Dan made the right move by withholding the publication of the full white paper.

That said, it’s all about the rate of adoption.

As long as Safex can deliver a marketplace that is actually anonymous and can garner an aggressive rate of adoption, the project will be successful.

It’s wise to track and evaluate competitors to understand their successes and mistakes and erode their competative advantage.

To ensure Safex is successful, holders should begin strategizing more aggressively in the area of market awareness, outreach, and adoption.

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Is Komodo a SAFEX competitor ?

^^ this, hence there is a fallacy of a head start. Even while google had several search engines to compete with, they still prevailed. There are specific reasons for that. I hope that I’ve looking and kept my eyes open long and wide enough that we are set up to do win it properly. Less talk about those things, more of let me show you :slight_smile:


I feel Partical PART are a direct competitors from a market place stand point. I think Safex chili coin will be a privacy centric coin, which will compete with Komodo. Anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong.