What are the best Safex resources to add?

Hi Safex Community,

We have created a Safex coin page with already an extensive set of information.

To make it even better for our visitors we would like to add the best other resources.
These could be community made sites, statistics, faucets, etc.

Love to hear your input!


Hey Blockspot, Looks cool and I would assume when discord guys here about it you will get a lot more Info


I think you’ve pretty much got everything listed related to Safex.

However, we’re currently at a point in the project where we’re in the middle of two blockchains; the old Omni blockchain, and the new Cryptonight blockchain.

It might be worth listing the two new coins associated with the new blockchain - Safex Cash and Safex Token.

We’ve got a public migration currently happening for users to convert their old Safe Exchange Coins over to the new blockchain - for every Safe Exchange Coin “converted”, they get 1 Safex Token and 0.0023 Safex Cash. This window of opportunity will close November 2019 - then the old Safe Exchange Coin will be phased out and no longer of value.

Maximimum theorertical supply for Safex Token is 2,147,483,647 - however this number is most likely be to be a lot less due to lost wallets, people forgetting to migrate etc. You can use this live feed to keep track http://explore.safex.io/api/totalsft - converting Safe Exchange Coins or trading is the only way to obtain this coin.

Then we have Safex Cash, which is obtainable via conversion, mining and trading. Maximum total supply is 1bn. Again - live feed of total circulating supply is here: http://explore.safex.io/api/totalsfx

Our “whitepaper” is acutally called a blue paper - the link is here: https://safex.io/SafexBluePaperJan3.pdf (the link on your site is invalid, but the blue paper only applies to Safex Cash and Token anyway).

There is also a “tools” page, which gives various live details of mining pools, difficulty history, migration progress etc.


Thanks for al the information Rich.bate! We will update the page with this.

The deadline for the blockchain conversion is also important information to add, so we will put it that in there as a seperate description / notice.

Furthermore a dedicated Safex Cash page will be created.


Hey thats a really cool resource mate , thank you for doing this

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Thanks @Blockspot good on you to keep accurate information.

The migration deadline is November 8, 2019

@Rich.bate hit it right on the head, so far those are the main points.

I would include the Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKnUPw_PI1lhMPfrztUqnoQ


Thanks everybody for the great feedback. Since it’s three active coins, it’s only fair to have three
dedicated pages.

We have done the following:

  • Changed the Safe Exchange Coin blockchain back to Bitcoin-Omni
  • Created a dedicated Safex Token page
  • Created a dedicated Safex Cash page
  • Added a description to all 3 pages with links to each other
  • Translated all descriptions to Dutch (use switch language button in the sidebar)
  • Added the migration progress and migration wallet links on the Safe Exchange Coin page
  • Updated the blue paper (still called whitepaper due to the template)
  • Updated the coin supply for all 3 coins

The API links are great, but we don’t have an integration for API’s yet. It’s on the roadmap though.


  • Is there a description of the safex cash utility? The FAQ is not so clear about it.
  • Is the hashing algo of safex cash indeed scrypt?
  • Does a Safex Token holder really earn safex cash for every transaction on the blockchain as @Rich.bate said? So not only the trades on the marketplace, but every TX.
  • Isn’t it also possible to obtain Safex Cash via staking? You said only by conversion, mining and trading.
  • @dandabek thanks for the feedback! We are now stating 8 nov. As for the YT channel, we already linked to it.

Safex Cash is currency, Safex Token is sybil attack protection for account creation

Hashing Algo is Cryptonight v8

It will be specifically only for a marketplace trade

Seen the page now :ok_hand: nice job :sunrise_over_mountains:

P.s. The “country” part of it, it is inaccurate to say it is exclusively Serbia, perhaps adding a Liberland flag? :slight_smile:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/safe-exchange/

announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1258419.0 <- this one is better

everything else looks good

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Bitcointalk + Linkedin is now also updated on all 3 coin pages.

For the country we can only list 1, so Liberland it is, if thats the main location.
A country flag had to be added to the template for that.

So Safex is the first coin out of the 4200+ we list, located in Liberland! :clap:


looks great!


Nice. Looking good.

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