What happens if

Hi guys , what happens if there is an offer on the blockchain for 1 item and i pay it but at the same time within the same block someone else lifts that offer? What happens then? Whos bid wins?

This has been tested extensively during testnet and Stagenet.

The unlucky tx attempt gets rejected.

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Thanks aussie sloth, so does each tx have a timstamp on it so to speak?

Processed txs get the block number (at whatever time) they get put to the chain - you can see this on the explorer.


Those not yet processed sit in the transaction pool.

Yeah i get that about a block number and unconfirmed tx’s

But what happens if 2 buy tx’s for the same item are within the same block?

One will get processed, the other won’t, and it will eventually be rejected from the pool.

Here is part of a chat I had with Igor in the testing group about that very thing…