Hi All,

What is happening, look at this SELL WALL !

Price will go down. Be careful in this forum, admin will block your messages with no answers.

Just look at he ASK column, all people want to sale out with small loses at the 287/288. There is huge, volume of 4mln coins! Mamamija.

what does this mean @RichardG ?
“admin will block your messages with no answers”

Traders trying to sell at 300 and buy the coin weak hands are selling for less than that.

Its traders trying to make a buck off you.

Don’t fall for it and buy slowly and cheaply. The price will likely still go down from here but that is not a reflection on the project but rather the FOMO buying last week or so and traders pumping the price to make money off holders buying.

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There is good volume still yet the price doesn’t move much which seems to be confirming that the whales are buying anything put up for sale below their wall. They only place buy orders after the sell order appears and this way the bids tally remains low suggesting that the price is about to drop dramatically. So weak hands being driven by FOMO sell just below the sell walls and the whales lap up the coin.

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