What is your favorite thing about SAFEX?

What is everyone’s favorite element or part of the SAFEX idea?

While there are a lot of great things, my favorite is the foundational belief to let the market decide what does and does not flourish.

other marketplaces are seemingly trying to tangle with what is and what isn’t legal, SAFEX has the potential for so much more because it is not bogged down by localized thinking.

I also love how daniel and the team are working out of Serbia and he won’t hire anyone remotely.

what about everyone else?


I would say that the SAFEX Team is certainly one of my favorite elements of this project. Location is also a plus as there are few Blockchain initiatives being developed in Eastern Europe, at least to the degree that this one has thus far.

What is also inspiring is the quality of investors that make up this collective. Rarely do you see the level of sophisticaion that is demonstrated in the ranks of this Forum on other threads.

Most of all, I am appreciative of the learning and insights that accompany being an investor in SAFEX. It has inspired me to conduct due diligence in projects I am working on in other parts of the world, sharing the knowledge that is freely expressed in this space, as I contemplate bringing Blockchain technology to rural communities in Colombia in support of the unfolding Peace process there.


A potential problem is finding decent people in Belgrade, which at 1.5 million, is a smallish large city. That drastically reduces the list of potential team members and if that mitigates the cultural advantages of an all-Serb team working harmoniously is a question i cannot answer. It does concern me a little. Dan Dabek must feel that the pool of potential team mates in Serbia is large enough for him to work with. Just MHO, but I would think that you might want to cast your net far and wide to get the very best you can find. I live in the Balkans and there is here a pervasive “I can do it all myself” attitude which can be counter-productive. Not saying that this applies here, but it raises a small red flag for me. Still and all I have a significant stake in SAFEX and plan to stick it out and see where things stand at the end of the year if not longer.

Agree with you about team. They are talented and dedicated and spreading positive vibes!

My favorite part is Chille, can’t wait to use it, i want to bye goods, maybe i’ll also offer some service so in that case i don’t need to pay taxes i’m paying now…
You think there gonna be live stream from Japan, Singapore? @molex

I love the libertarian aspect of many of the coins but SAFEX seems to take that to a higher level. I’m in no way pro criminal activity, but also think most things that are deemed criminal, shouldn’t be. People should be free to do as they please as long as it doesn’t harm others.


I thought i had seen a video of daniel somewhere saying that he would hire people from anywhere, just that they must move to serbia to be with the team during the development. So they don’t have to be from Belgrade, but they do have to move there.

while all of silicon valley is getting distracted and bogged down by the ICO craze/get-rich-quick hype and mania…safex is off in Eastern Europe just plugging away, coding and engineering their idea as best they can.

Thanks for your feedback and continuing the thread.

There is still much work that lies ahead for this project. The SAFEX Team is but one part of this. We, as investors, will have a significant role in the months ahead: Reviewing the Whitepaper, Commenting on that Whitepaper, communicating back and forth with the Team and supporting the movement of our collective intelligence to support the project as it continues to unfold. All of these things, which in many ways are “new” to investors, is part of the growth process for us, something we can share with others who are wondering: “What crypto project might I be a part of?”

The SAFEX Team has been open and responsive; I sense their willingness for us as investors to be as much a part of this project as anyone on the Core Team is. This is refreshing. The talent pool, when you include investors, is beyond measurable. There is a yet-to-be-tapped body of wisdom and insight that I imagine the SAFEX Team recognizes in its investors. As long as we can all see that this is not a SAFEX Team-Only project, but something which we all play a role in supporting, then this project will likely become far more than Dan imagined when he initially put this together.

Very much looking forward to seeing how we can all participate in the process.