What Makes People Want To Use The Chille Network

What makes people want to use the Chille Network as opposed to one of the other decentralized networks?

The whole dividends for Safex are great, but the Chille coin needs to have a following to make everything work. Just wondering what makes it different.

I think one of the major reasons of using the Chille Network over networks like Syscoin is that Chille coin dividend drop that is paid out. That gives incentive for Safex owners to HODL their coins rather than just dump them, as residual income is a very attractive feature of any investment avenue.

I understand that this makes the “SAFEX” coin worth holding.

But what makes the Chili coin worth it? If nobody wants to use the Chili coin because there are other anonymous coins and they don’t want to pay a 5% transaction fee, then the safex coin isn’t as valuable.

Chille coin is the currency of the actual Safex marketplace. If you want to utilize the marketplace at all you need Chille. That makes it very worth it if you ask me.