What Safex coin amount would you consider a whale?

At the moment, 56.33% of Safex coins are held in wallets. Of those coins, there are 178 wallets with 1 million of greater Safex, 90 wallets with 2 million or more, 41 with 5 million +, and 24 of those wallets with holdings of 10 million or more Safex. If this were a Vegas casino, what # of Safex would you consider the average player, a VIP level player, a big fish, or a whale?

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Whale > 50M
Large > 10M
Medium > 1M
Small > 0.3M

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Would depend on context I suppose, but agree mostly with @cryptomanic. Although I’d say >10 or >20 million could be considered a whale in certain contexts

I call >= 1million a healthy retirement fund

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Not many whales in the ocean then. In terms of current wallets, there are only 5 with over 50 million Safex.

  1. 80 mil
  2. 58 mil
    3, 4, 5. 56 mil

It then quite a drop off to the 6th largest at 38 million.

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Seems i am a small player. Alot of little makes alot of strong hands. I’m a long hauler


Yeah I think whales should be in the single digit, there’s also a very very small possibility someone on bittrex has 50M+.

On a side note, the increase in bittrex safex was expected, there needed more supply to meet demand, or else the price would have gone up too fast.

This way the price stays more stable.


I’m very interested to see how much of a percentage increase there will be of coins moving into wallets by the spring / summer. If that % goes up to over 75%, I think the price of Safex will be much higher than than most expect.

Personally I think its a certainty that someone on there has 50+ million and we are only seeing millions in their address.

Also we cannot see what addresses belong to what person. Personally I always have my coins in more than one address. “Paper wallets” with one address in a “hot wallet”

So there could be one person with 100+ million total across their addresses and exchange.

Do you mean 9-12 months time, or Now. Or do you mean in 6-9 months?

Remember there are a number of us in the southern hemisphere too.

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Is this good or bad news guys also remember im a newbie thanks

Lol, more than 1 million is medium? Average wallet size is a third of that, and median wallet size is a tenth of that


I’m referring to summer 2018, 6 to 9 months from now.

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Neither good or bad in my opinion. This (with lots of variations) is what normally happens with coins.

Once the market place is up live I’d say the whales will have sold much of their coins for the profit. If any remain then they certainly believe in the market place :slight_smile:

Don’t know about whales but I’m a plankton for sure :smiley:


1+mil but wale are not long term holders the go for profit smal wans are long time holders

I hate all you Whales!
Pure jealousy that you got in earlier than me of course

At the moment

Dont mater the sale kwick wen smel profit long holders get more and wel i was not to late to buy in long time holder to

At this point in time there are probably several different whales with holdings in excess of 100m spread across numerous wallets. On another point those of you who are fretting the lack of upswing in the Safex price fear not…“Rome wasn’t built in a day”… the price will move accordingly once we see market adoption and the listing on additional exchanges. At this current point in time you cannot expect massive upside with the limited turnover volume on TS. Be patient Safexians! :slight_smile: