What will happen with SAFEX Coin/Chille airdop in current situation?

I would like to bring about discussion how delisting will affect airdrop.

As far as I know, airdropped coins are going to be distributed evenly among owners of SAFEX who keep them stored in SAFEX wallet. After delisting from Bittrex potentially more people will move their shares to the wallet so there will be more people to be given SAFEX Coin/Chille, therefore the amount of airdropped coins per person will be smaller. Does it make sense for anyone?

And the second question is whether it’s going to be delayed because of the delisting?

I expect nothing in this respect will change.

When the airdrop is to occur people will be pulling their coins off the exchanges to receive the airdrop, then go back to whichever exchanges are trading the coin.

The only delay is lost time due to dealing with bittrex

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When will the airdrop accrue, will we be given a heads up to ensure we have our coins in the SAFEX wallet , please advise :v:


Date and time to be decided and none of us know any details since the new blockchain has to be live before that can be done.

So a lot of work to happen before then.

I am confident we will be given plenty of advanced notice and just wait for the new blockchain to be live and our safex coins to be transferred from the btc blockchain to the safex blockchain.

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