What will SEC looks like?

i saw mock-ups of openbazaar and maid MVP.

Just wondering what SEC looks like.

if it is user friendly.

with buzz around openbazaar and maid, I am hoping SEC will be a ready product built on maid to compete with openbazaar.

MAID MVP is certainly a reason for recent trollbox hype.


Yes great question, I will be hiring a developer to build a few UIs for each market segment using Electron, the Protocol of SAFEX will be in Rust and we will take example from MaidSafe and produce FFI bindings for the beautiful UI environment of Electron.

Sorry for the late reply here, head strong in code and plan finalization.

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Just curious, why exactly the Rust language? For performance and security? (About Electron (if it’s this project) - splendid choice imho!)


For both reasons, it is a type safe coding language; a lot of bugs that exist in other languages do not exist here because of the principles of Rust, Ownership Borrowing and Lifetimes. Also it is difficult to make mistakes with buffer overflows and memory leaks;

It is powerful and the language of choice for me for now and for time to lapse :sunrise_over_mountains:

That’s the framework; looking forward to seeing the final production of the UI; We will definitely consult eac other on any modifications when a UI first release is demonstrated.