What's going on? SFT SFX

Still holding my SFT and SFX, anything happening or is this another dud?

Same, still holding my SFT and SFX… but if you came here for answers you wont find any! As you can tell by the overwhelming response to your simple question. And then when directed to every other forum because this one is no-longer the number one ‘safex forum’ or ‘safex wallet forum’ or ‘safex whatever forum’ you find just as much or less info on them. Which begs the question that if that is the case why is this forum still monitored?? And by those who said this is not the main safex forum?
So, as no one else has had the common courtesy to at least front up to your question and at the least acknowledge your loyal support… I will say this much, don’t hold your breath dude!

Yes, there’s so very little happening with Safex that I didn’t have a chance to reply earlier, due to my 6 HOURS today working on the new series of articles to be published on the Safex blog, which will coincide with the release of the new wallet, in the very near future.

Between writing articles and testing the new wallet software, I find very little time to check in on the Forum in recent times. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is for Dan to find the time, with all of his competing priorities.

Silence doesn’t mean nothing is happening. It just means it isn’t being made public… yet.

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Still hard at work I see. Looking forward to reading your new articles and seeing what the sellers have to offer.

Thanks for the hard work!!!

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I stand corrected, I appologise for my little rant :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I also appreciate the update!

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To me that sounds like a good candidate for a new Safex development update topic

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