What's next for Safex?

2018 marked significant milestones in development of Safex project; team had launched Safex blockchain and you could say progress after that has been good.
I’m not at all worried about fluctuations in the market, it happens in all markets. I only care about how the project will develop further!
Too many rumors, words and hints leading up to this question - what are plans for further development?
Looking forward for any insights on this


There is much planed, but I understand the silance and I belive its good. It‘s Software After all, some Plans might be changed on the way, some deadlines will not be reached because of a bug found in the last minute or because more testing of…

Point is Even though I would like to know whats coming it‘s probably better for Safex if it surprices the community with something not expected than promessing to much and getting disappointed faces when the idea had to be replaced or the deadline is missed be 2 month


Development powering ahead this year.
We’re expecting basic marketplace function this quarter.

But first and foremost we need a lot of mining capacity so we can improve security and functionality of the network.
I’d encourage everyone to take part in this, rent a rig or few. I’m expecting these 2 mining farms to achieve significant hash power so marketplace can operate smoothly later on.

Safex ATMs should be soon operational. I’m also expecting v8 to be released. Overall, we can expect Safex to reach important milestones this year.


Are we really expecting the marketplace this quarter? As I remember it was due on Black Friday last year.
Now there’s talks about mining farm.
Mind my word, we won’t see any marketplace before the farm is done.

Also, sounds like every bit of attention suddenly shifted to Safex Cash. Safex Token seems to be forgotten.
Every single thread you see, every video Dan makes - it’s all just Safex Cash this, Safex Cash that.

Safex Tokens are what they are. They havent deviated from the origional plan.

For Safex Tokens to have their value, we need to ensure Safex Cash has a lot of attention, so it’s used on the future marketplace, and seen as a viable cryptocurrency.

Without Safex Cash, Safex Token won’t really have any value.


Real question like Charles Hoskinson of Cardano rightfully said it could be several years even ten before we see anything like 2017 crypto rush ! We cant put an exact date or time but certainly the point is still valid are you able to stomach 2-3-4 maybe even 10 years of crypto being stagnant ! If the answer is yes then you have nothing to worry about , but if you cannot even stomach 12 months then im afraid you may get frustrated angry even depressed or irrational and sell. technology investing is always adjusted to cycles similar to Moore’s Law where progression doubles every year and the technology becomes more user friendly to the point that the barrier of entry to that tech is effortless. That takes time !! You can disagree with this and throw out a arbitrary time scale but ultimately its not just the technology you invest in but you also invest in time !


I think they’ll try to get it all launched and ready on time (April 2019) by at least making basic shops and online marketplace functions. expect to be pretty solid.
of course it will continue to develop, they can always add more functions with the time.


Lets hope so !


yes if you see the migrated balance everything is good.

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