Whats the difference?

I have just been on the website of another crptocurrency advertising itself as providing an online marketplace. It hasnt even had its ICO yet but is boasting 50 stores ready to sell. It will be running on the Ethereum blockchain (Wasnt sure if it was bad etiquette to name the marketplace on here).

For a LAMEN like myself with the tech side of this… what is the difference between that and Safex? What is Safex bringing to the table that this other store is not?

EDIT: I guess its kind of hard to answer this without knowing who the other Company is as there isnt enough info on the differences. Just didnt want to start name-dropping potential ‘competitors’ here.

The biggest difference is the “other” cryptos dont have the all-star lineup that safex has. check them out!


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Many differences, including a dedicated blockchain developed for Safex. No ico phase for Chille blockchain. Which means more time spent developing a solid product. Safex holders will get airdropped Chille coin upon its release into their wallets. The focus will be heavily merchant driven. Blockchain architect @dandabek has been in this space for awhile now. He knows what works and what doesn’t in creating this new blockchain to secure Safex transactions.