What's the point of having safex coins when there are chille coins coming?

I know dividends type payout. What else?

There is such a huge supply of safex coins.

Could it be a means of dilution to raise funds?

I’m concerned about this. Are we buying this safex just to have it dumped to pay the bills? When the real value is chille coins?. I would argue we should be airdropped Equal value or More chille coins at a pre-Ico like price for assurance and incentives to hold on to and accrue safex coins.

Just my thoughts.

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I have not and will not be dumping any safex. I pay bills from large earnings in consulting fees from other projects in the past year, as well as huge speculative gains in other investments that I held for 1 year +.

Safex will earn dividends from transactions on Chille as well as from the initialization of money supply. That info is lost from the website and will be added during the weekend’s update.

My plans for myself personally and for the future is to see Chille activated and earn from there on. This project is my pleasure to build, and see it succeed.


Have you guys started on the chille blockchain yet?


Great to hear this… :+1:

I agree with @dandabek.

Holding SAFEX means “ownership” in the Chille Network. SAFEX earns you passive income in the form of Chile Coins.

This kind of investing is opposite to Capital Gains, where traders buy low and sell high for quick profit.

Here’s a secret many don’t realize.

Even if SAFEX crashes to ZERO… you’ll still earn Chille Coins as long as the Chille Network is running. There aren’t many crypto coins like SAFEX.

Majority of the richest people in the world are owners not traders. Their money comes from passive income.

The real question is… how much will Chille Coin be worth?
What does Chille adoption look like 1yr, 2yr, 3yrs from now?

That all depends on SAFEX holders, and SAFEX devs.
If we make an amazing decentralized market place, sky is the limit.


Indeed! In a world of near-to-zero governament bond cupons, regular cash flow opportinuties are a bless.

In crypto they are unicorns!


with all the … so called anon coins … dash Monero getting big boost’s , might be time for some press.

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