When (and what will be) will be the next step, announcement or update?

When (and what will be) will be the next step, announcement or update ?

Selon moi c’est peut-être l’annonce pour le Chille Blockchain Alpha.

Possibly the Chille Blockchain Alpha announcement.


The timeline is on the website. Dan plans to release alpha by end of November (no promises), but it will certainly be released by the end of year.

So does that mean Chille coin will be mineable soon?

I don’t think it’s mineable until the beta or marketplace goes live, maybe Dan can confirm.

Maybe test mining.

At least Q2 next year though before any chance of mining real coin

My concern here is accusations of a premine. Thats what it is, essentially. If the Alpha chain will be the permanent chain it should be mineable by anyone.

It could have a big impact on reputation.

Dan said in discord that all the coins mined during alpha will be worth nothing when beta comes out.


How or why would a alpha testing blockchain become the permanent blockchain. Alpha is a test and would not become a permanent system. Maybe the beta might, but only if its announced as such.

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negative impact ?

Alpha mining will not count towards the beta or marketplace it will be just to start testing our code


I agree, pretty sure I read here or on discord that it might be the only chain.

This only adds integrity to the entire project. Use the public to generate the seed for the genesis block, eliminates the pre-mining factor.

I’d be happy to donate cycles for alpha mining.

Must build a Vega64 rig or 2 to get ready

Do Vega really deliver that much hashpower in regards to Wattage use? Im still running my 570’s at 28 mh/s per card with 90 Watts power draw per card. a rig with 6 cards pulls 900 watts from the wall. and i pay $0,07 (70 öre of a swedish krona) for per KWh.

What i read into Vega56 or 64 is that it do 370 watts per card at 50 mh maybe? Do you have any other input? :smiley:

On CryptoNight algo, 1x Vega64 = 3x 1080TI… So yeah V64 is a beast on CryptoNight which is low power algo anyways and Chille will be on CryptoNight unless the plan hasn’t been changed yet. V64 isn’t that good on other algos, just CryptoNight… The hash it packs is insane. I run 16x 1080TI’s myself, pretty energy efficient GPU’s and good resale value in even after 2 years.

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wow… really? So you mean one V64 pulls about 2400 hashes for 1 card?

My 570’s pulls about 800 hashes per card and i have 12 of them. So ill be on about 9500 hashes on CryptoNight.

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