When does the Exchange go live?

Relative noob here. I searched the forum but couldn’t seem to find anything fsr.

Safex will run on top of the Safe network, which is currently in testing.

I don’t have inside info, but;

Nobody can say when the Safe network will go live running from people’s individual computers instead of rented servers, but it sounds like at least a few weeks / months work until that happens, with just a minimal feature set (see weekly dev updates on Safe forum to find out more).

It’ll then be a while longer for SafeCoin (Safe network’s internal currency), Structured Data (editable data on Safe network), and compute ability to come to the network, and I think some or all these may be required for Safex to function.

So, from my uninformed perspective I’d say don’t expect anything live & stable for a good while, but keep in touch for updates & you’ll see as it gets nearer.

Could be 3, 6, 12, 18 months? Who knows :smiley:

Now Daniel / others can give you a much more informed answer :slight_smile:


Thanks man – this makes sense.