When will the blockchain be activated

Hi when will the blockchain be activated…
Is there delay or what?
Please update us


@Crypto-Tony Safex coins are already active on the Bitcoin Blockchain
check it out http://omnichest.info/lookupsp.aspx?sp=56

The Chille Blockchain will become active during this summer.


Well that doesn’t make much sense …
Price there is higher then bittrex… seriously
COIN needs to be more special then this

I saw the road map for safe exchange coin and the Chille market. Those are helpful but can you also include tentative completion dates? I think including tentative dates of completion would be useful information for both investors and potential investors.


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Hey Dan,

Was wondering with the release of the chain are the rates of SEC to Chille confirmed yet? On the website it gives examples of 100k coins being released to holders. Is this all theorized detail?

If not, will there be more than 100k coins? If so how many?
Is the handout rate going to be 21,474.837 SEC to 1 Chilli?



Yes it is theorized detail. We will strike a balance for ROI to investors, incentive to mining, and cost to users.

The detail that is certain is that 0.5% of the money supply will be air dropped to SAFEX holders at the launch.

The parameters of dividends and emission rate will be determined further down the road with Chille; however, we will tailor them to make sense for the ecosystem. And the holders of SAFEX will have a say in the final decision.


One more thought, won’t the value of the system be held in Chille coins? What will give potential growth to SEC, as I know with SEC you own a % of the company and also voting rights + dividends but does this see holding SEC to be more beneficial than Chilli as wouldn’t it be more wise to hold Chille pass release due to seeing more use. Unless fees on the market will truly be substantial enough to create dividend(fees x.10) to surpass what you would make from demand of Chille; however, this would create a deterrence to use the marketplace due to fees. I’m uneducated in marketing and business but possibly with growth of the market even small fees will add up to be substantial? Maybe people will look past the fees due to the perks :wink:

EDIT: OFC the dividend fees are divided across all wallet holders


The vision is to form a truly autonomous society. This means that we will need to calibrate the parameters of Chille to make sense and cents in order to meet the demands of the users, investors, developers, and miners.

These are very good questions. Chille will be useful to people; however, it will be currency network. It is my belief that a smaller emission curve and longer time frame for coin emissions will mean that people will be circulating and transacting frequently with the Chille and the difficulty of acquiring Chille will be high.

Only a merchant, or service provider should easily acquire Chille for bringing to the market valuables and time that people of the marketplace demand. In such a case a residual income from Holding SAFEX becomes highly attractive.

The airdrop at the onset of the Chille network is there to reward the SAFEX holder for their time, and to form alignment. At that time you will be able to purchase goods, or service and start a chain reaction. Accruing Chille by just hodling SAFEX and no efforts further required of you. This is how I envision to fund development into the future. I have reserved 38m safex (1% from the crowdsale, the other 17m I purchased at 100 satoshi 1 year ago) which will never go back on the market. It is solely there to accumulate income from the chille blockchain which must be calibrated to also finance the development into the future (post chille launch).

Having a decentralized society makes it easy to catch valuable opinions and input. And because the long term potential existence of this project in my opinion makes it much like Berkshire Hathaway. As long as income is generated from SAFEX coin existence the price will always be there. In such a society even a high marketcap no one bothers to sell because the value of its existence is greater than a price. The fact that you should be always capable of purchasing valuables/labor anywhere in the world without barriers is such a valuable idea that we’re in pursuit of.

the Too Long/ Didn’t Read:
Once the Chille is done coded, we will test it and then deliberate the parameters to make this all make sense. A proposal will be put forward and we’ll go with that. We can always also adjust it in the future by vote of the holders.


Good luck with the parameters, and as always sounds like the job is in capable hands.Thanks for your time. I wonder if and what I’ll end up purchasing :milky_way:


Those were very informative replies, @dandabek I feel confident this project will have great success.


Hows the Chille development going?


Im good thanks … Bud dum Tis’ … im leaving now sorry :heart_eyes:

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I get the whole system and feeling of the SAFEX project. Thumbs up!

One day your block chain comes out; what if other ‘coins/ tokens’ are being offered making use of the Chille block chain (like XRP did to BTC). Are those transactions also part of the dividends and paid out in Chille coins or is it soley Chille coin transactions that will earn the SAFEX holders dividends?


Great question.