Where did Mining Reward go?

I got a payout from the safexnews mining pool, but it hasn’t arrived to my safex…address. Was the wallet address that starts with safex the correct one to use?

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I think it’s in v8. My mining payouts also not shown up in the v7 wallet yet, only the magration amount. Not 100% sure do

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The v7 wallet will only show you the amount of Safex you have migrated. Not your live balance.

As @tyer said, version 8 wallet, coming out in a few weeks, will have the live balance viewer integrated.

An alternative would be to set up a Safex Node + CLI Wallet in Ubuntu, if you’re familiar with Linux.

Here is a guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCtktWjW8d8


Hi guys, I’m new to mining. I have setup XMR Stack and it seems to be doing its thing. Just curious once you get paid from the mining pool, do you have to have your wallet open for the payout to hit your safe address ? If you don’t have it open where does the payout sit ? I understand that you may not see it in the v7 wallet.



Payment gets made usually; unless there is an issue withe the pool operator.

In the next version of the safex miner you’ll have a wallet installed so you can see your balance and send/receive coins freely.


The block chain records where every payment sits. There are no coins in you wallet stored, your wallet is just the combination of keys you need to proof that you have the permission to send what’s recorded as sent to you to other people (I hope that doesn’t sound to complicated)

I’m short, I’t doesn’t matter if you wallet is on or not. Even if you don’t have a wallet software but just the keys written on a pice if paper the coins will arrive

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Thanks for the info dan

Thanks Mex makes sense, in understand :slight_smile:

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