Where is my safex cash!?

I went to the new safex tools Statistics site and entered my wallet address to see how much I had and nothing is coming up??

it wouldn’t be possible this way:

The safex address is a proxy. The only way to find out your balance is to use your private view key. This is a sensitive key so it should not be openly shared over the internet.

Currently the best way is to use the CLI wallet; however prior to the marketplace beginning this month we are in progress of producing the safex wallet so you can check balance and spend safex cash freely though a GUI wallet.


OK thank you it is just scary not being able to see it only on the pool I am mining from, I also am not showing any balance on the previous pool I was mining on eu.pool.safexnews???


Hey @frothermucker.

When you say you looked up your wallet on the Safex Tools page, i assume you’re talking about this page? https://tools.safexnews.net/wallets.php

If that’s the case, this is the wallet explorer for the OLD Safe Exchange Coin, the one on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

As you are mining on one of the pools, i assume you’ve generated yourself a Safex Address via the offline address generator. When you did this, you will have saved both some seed keys and private keys.

When the new Safex Wallet has been released, you will be able to use these keys to import your NEW Safex Blockchain address to the wallet. Within here you can view your balance. Instructions on how to do so will be included in the wallet.

With regards to the mining pool - eu.pool.safexnews.net will be shut down and operation has transferred over to pool.safexnews.net (newer, better server).

If you have any outstanding balance on the old pool, send me a private message with your address and i’ll make sure it gets pushed through to you.


Ok Thank you and yes that was the page I went to make sense now… I sent you a private message with my address

I’ve lost track on what was happening with safex recently. Has the airdrop happened? I keep my coins in a safex wallet, do I need to do anything do get the airdrop?

anxiously anticipating the release of the new wallet this next few days, just wait for up-date

Also you can have a look at the below link if interested in locking in

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Hi Safex team,
I bought some Safex token a year ago,leave on exchange. I don’t know what to do, lately I find down that’s Safex mainnet, is my Safex token on my exchange still value? What should I do now ?

Kind regards,
Phuong phan

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Which exchange did you leave your Safex on?

Your Safe Exchange Coins (the ones on the old BTC blockchain) still have value. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/safe-exchange-coin/ .

In the next day or two there will be a new Safex Wallet that will be released which you can use to convert your old Safe Exchange Coins over to the new blockchain. Along with it will be instructions on how to do it.

More information will be released in the next few days. You have nothing to worry about. You have 12 months to conver your Safex over to the new blockchain. During this time, as long as the Safe Exchange Coins remain on the exchange, will hold a value.


For future reference, store your coins in a wallet. The ONLY reason to keep them on exchanges is for trading.