Where to purchase

HI there,

Im entirely new to how this all works and have never invested into anything before, but ive been looking into safex for a little while now and then it popped up on a YT channel unrelated to crypto and the gentleman who runs that channel I trust greatly,

I am very interested in becoming part of this community and seeing where safex can go,

What would be the first steps for me to invest?

Thanks in advance

Craig Mosch

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Open an account on Trade Satoshi. Or if your Australian you can use Plaak. Those are the best places to buy. Trading pair is BTC/SAFEX

You’ll need the wallet from safex.io as well

Then go join the Safex Discord. Lots of information on it and its updated more than this forum

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Hi Craig. I saw your post in another thread too but i’ll paste my reply here. Good to see a new face from the LoverFella channel!

(origional reply: Safex featured in Gaming Youtube video)


This is the official Safex forum, so is a trusted platform to get the latest information about the project. You also have the official social channels of Safex:

https://twitter.com/safe_exchange (official Twitter channel)
https://twitter.com/dandabek (Daniel Dabek is CEO of Balkanuem* and Chief Architect of Safex)
https://twitter.com/ivanatudor (Ivana Tudor is the COO of Balkaneum* and Cheif Economist of Safex)
https://twitter.com/balkaneum (Balkaneum is the software company formed by Daniel to develop Safex)

(See the rest of the team here: https://safex.io/team)

Safex also has a YouTube channel which posts periodical updates of the development and progress of Safex: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKnUPw_PI1lhMPfrztUqnoQ 1

Some notable videos include:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKnUPw_PI1lhMPfrztUqnoQ 1 (What is Safex?)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcC2fhm3IyE (The latest Safex development update)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC80iJPrO1I (3 reasons to get into Safex now)

Outside of the traditional social channels we also have a very busy Discord channel - this is where most people hang out. If you join, DM me your user name and i’ll get you into the main discussion room.

https://discord.gg/hqfsaud - it’s quite a casual room but a lot of discussion about crypto happens!

In terms of where you can get hold of Safex Coins - there are three places right now:

https://safex.io/getsafex/BTC (Directly from the official website - pay with Bitcoin)
https://tradesatoshi.com/ 1 (Small exchange but still a good place to get hold of Safex)
https://plaak.io/ 1 (Australia only at the moment, but will open up to other countries in the coming months).

Thre is also Safex News (https://safexnews.net/) this site is a community driven site - we tend to post news about the smaller events and activities that happen outside of the big official updates. It’s a good resource if you want to stay on top of progress.

Finally you have the blue paper, which explains everything about what Safex is about, it’s economic model, and the technology behind it - if anything i’d recommend you read this https://safex.io/SafexBluePaperJan3.pdf - it’s worth it!

Of course - if you have ANY questions please feel free to raise them in these forums, on Discord (will be the quickest response), or Twitter. We have an army of people who’d be happy to answer your questions.

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