Which should be the new Market for SAFEX?

Well , we already know about the 2 new markets one from Serbia and one from Poland ,there is also the Korean exchange Upbit but i think SAFEX needs something more to replace bittrex , moreover cryptopia has HUGE fees 1500 safex coins . SO what’s your suggestions ? Binance or any other market ? (btw Costs about 100k $ to be listed in any serious market)

1500 is not a “huge” fee considering it is encoded in the Safex blockchain. It’s basically the same fee to transfer from the wallet.

https://www.change.org/p/poloniex-bring-safe-exchange-coin-safex-to-poloniex I found this in an old post. Can we get this looked at.just bringing ideas to the table

Just wondering why hasn’t Bitfinex been mentioned at all? They trade the largest volumes and are Hong Kong based. Is it reaching too high?

Now that everybody is done with bittrex (because of delisting, verification, bad response to tickets, locked accounts etc)

Take a look at Kucoin. It has recently started an has low volumes.
But it will grow over time. New coins getting listed, by vote
I like the shares you can buy to recieve a part of the tradingfees as a reward.

AND … maybe we can help eachother out here with refering eachother.
When you refer someone, you get a part of the fees he pays when trading.

I’ll kick of with my referal link

So if you want to get an account on Kucoin use this link, en click sign up:


Then after registering confirm here an post your own referal link below so the next guy can use it.
And spread your link to your friends.

And lets get SAFEX listed on Kucoin aswell!