Which website is in use?

Hi there!
I have a couple of questions:
Which website is in use, safex.org or safex.io

Safex.io is showing as the first google search result for “safex”, you have instagram account under name “safex.io”, your listing at coinmarketcap also has “safex.io” listed as a website and coingecko listing, while you used to have it, also had it listed. Blog on that webpage leads to https://safe.exchange/ which doesn’t seem safe at all: “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”

Have you moved to safex.org? Seems you are publishing updates under that domain.
Please make it clear, as for someone who doesn’t know anything about the project, things are confusing.


.io is the original project web address.
.org is the newer Safex Foundation address, which was formed as a NFP to progress the project into future.

My understanding is that the .io website will be transitioned into the .org website at some point on the near future.

The old safe.exchange forum address has already been transitioned to the .org domain, but it seems the old address isn’t redirecting properly.

In time, I think it will all reside within the .org domain.


I also think that’s the case


safex.io is default on Coin market cap which needs updating after wallet comes out


We launched the revised safex.org website three months ago, since then it’s been a lot of tasks that took priority. We’ll get the 301 redirect from safex.io sorted out very soon. (hopefully this week)

And then go back and update all the links to point exclusively to the safex.org website.

Thanks for bringing notice; we also have our Dutch translation @vacsetron didn’t forget, just putting efforts to twm wallet and others. Let’s resolve soon**


Thanks Dan, as I announced myself, before the translation… it can be put to use after launch. The translations, also from other countries, are a great team effort of the community which also display trust in the future development. Something to look forward to when thousands of people all over the world want to touch base at safex.org - i also expect this forum will show more and more involvement for learning new and better ways to do business together.