Who is buying Safex at these Fire Sale prices?

Anyone besides me scooping up Safex at these crazy sub-200sat and now sub-150sat prices? What a great time to accumulate Safex!


Yep! Couldnt resist this morning…

I did - will buy all the way down if need be, in increasing amounts. Chille distribution FTW.

Si compañero! Ahora es un gran momento, yo también estoy comprando cada pocos días!

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Bought another .5 btc worth. now sitting on nearly 2 million. Dan thank you in advance for making me a lot of money in the next couple of months. I’m in for the long term though. All in my Safex wallet! Waiting for dividends, Chille and voting right!!!

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I will be picking up another 3 million Safex before the end of this year.

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I picked up some for sure

also bought more :slight_smile:

that would be me hoping to get another 250,000 this week christmas is here:)

lord have mercy i was hoping to get another million i just cant keep up with the jones’s

nice i am going to get enough this week to put me at 1.5 i am trying to catch up to everybody i dont like to be left behind:)

Any of us who have > than 1 million Safex should not feel that we are left behind. This project is known by so very few people that once the growth begins, we should all be rewarded handsomely. However, the crucial aspect of this project (besides a user friendly interface) will be how Safex can get the news out.

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Whilst I understand the enthusiasm, loyalty and FOMO that we all go through with particular crypto projects, it may be wise to take a step back and asses/re-assess what you are investing in and the potential return. Especially when committing more of your hard earned money.


Indeed. While the low price is nice, nobody should invest more than they’re willing to lose. If everything went up in smoke tomorrow, would your well being or others be in trouble? If so, you put in too much. I think I’ve taken enough risk for now. Good luck to us all!


There is no need to have FOMO at this point. The timeline of the marketplace deployed in 2Q 2018 (I’m expecting June 2018) gives plenty of time before the buzz gets going and as mentioned by another poster in these forums earlier, could take awhile before word gets out and people hear about Safex…although I hope Dan and the team have a few tricks up their sleeve to make that $500 million 1st year estimate come true.

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I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for the price to dip so I could get the 1 mil, and now I have them, super happy :grin:


Yes, cryptopia.

65 sats earlier today, jeepers!! cryptopia is usually cheaper than the bigger platforms.

i bought some today! Unfortunately im not as “rich” as most of you and i only hold about 30k :slight_smile: but im happy either way! Im here atleast!


I bought some 40k of additional coins yesterday too.
Is this going to be a success or a failure? Who knows but I am optimistic and have mentioned this coin to a few people now.
I am in this for the Long haul, so let’s see what happens

i just bought another smashing 11k safex haha! Embarressed to even say how little i bought!