Why are marketing and design so bad?

Hello (from Paris), I m not a hater, I love SAFEX project and I have 700,000 safex.
I believe in the team and I m sure SAFEX is an essential game changer !

But… why SAFEX team seems to underestimate marketing, communication and design ?
it’s a real question.

An ambitious project needs a coherent communication.
And good marketing is proof of a sense of reality ; that could be reassuring in the “crypto industry”.

Thank you,

One love ^^


I do have to step in an defend our man on the design side of things. It was I who suggested the initial layout and graphic direction, this is because we wanted a quick update to everything. The coca cola thing was all on my part, it was for fun and to create controversy for us to come up with the new branding and name of the blockchain.

In light of that we’ve been working with a branding update that I am expecting from our Nikola the designer on our team a full proposal of the new website this Wednesday which upon approval will go into implementation following that.

We’re in progress replacing our PR and marketing aspect of our team so I do look forward to putting forward an update on that pending a good result from the meeting with the pr firm on Monday.


Looks everything gonna be fine in Safex, this PR thing is just a small issue and I (holder from the beginning) believe they will find excellent replacement.
About design I don’t think it’s underestimated, I like the merchant shit ect., but I just a layman in that field…

Agree Safex is an essential game changer !


I don’t think marketing and design is too crucial at this stage of development.

When alpha comes out, marketing/design will have more of an impact. We can promote the marketplace for people to test out, and work on the user interface design.

SAFEX’s idealogy isn’t to hype things up, and we want the public to learn about safex when it actually has a working product.


NoirCap is right, something to keep in mind is if you need defend it you’re not looking at it objectively, everyone in this forum is here because they love the safex concept and project.

When you start taking things to the next level you need PR and Branding at a different level as the larger world is not as friendly as a small group of fans and thicker skins are needed for the criticisms that come with it. It’s good that it’s all being taken on board and that’s certainly the right attitude. In the mean time, the safex price is stupidly low so I’m off to load up on some more!

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Can we please, please scrap the minions?

Whenever I see this type of art on a video or website my eyes glaze over and my nose smells scam.

I just think it’s poor art to use, it suggests easy raking in of money and over simplifies complex systems.

Just my two cents.


Agreed, this kinda thing is second only to having stock photos of real people on your site in terms of how bad and scammy it looks. It’s perfectly fine to make it more complex for now as well to provide more info for potential holders and to help assure them of the legitimacy of the project. We can worry about simplifying it later on closer to live launch.


I mean, far from me giving advice on what you guys should do, but if I invest I wanna see some faces, not stock photos. I wanna see people sitting down, working and giving it all for the idea. I like Daniel’s vision of truly free cryptocurrency, its what lead me to this site. I just wish there was a way weekend investors would understand what they are investing it.


I appreciate the feedback tremendously. Whereas we consistently further clarify the message of Safex, the blockchain its currency and marketplace. It is good to know if what is already present is not enough. That is why we are launching updates to presentation, publishing the whitepaper.

I think that there is plenty of content out there, yet in this iteration it will be properly arranged in one site to be found by anyone.


Another quick design suggestion:

I mostly browse this forum on mobile. Landscape the layout is great, but when holding my phone normally it breaks:

Can we get an adjustment to the CSS media properties to hide elements on certain screen size? The topic thread title column is the most important but difficult to read.

I’ve solved this exact issue before by hiding either the avatar column or thread reply column on small phone screens. Alternatively you can stylize the forum category names so they aren’t side wide.

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