Why are my topics not getting posted here?

I created 2 posts and both of them didn’t get created. I really want to know why my safex coins didnt come to my local wallet from Bittrex.

Have you checked if the transaction is still pending on bittrex or if it’s visible on the bitcoin blockchain?

I checked the btc explorer and it says: Unable to decode output address

Have you faced this issue before?

On Bittrex it says, transaction completed

You can try again on omniexplorer.info. There may be an omni/bitcoin issue with btc explorer.

FYI. First posts require approval, hence why they didn’t show up straight away.

@Astronaut thank you thank you. I was able to trace my safex becuase of the explorer!

@Dogboy I understand but I posted it several days ago and I still didn’t see my first 2 posts

Probably rejected your other posts if they were on the same subject. I also think there is only one person approving posts so can take a while. Normally see a load of new posts come through at the same time due to this.

Make sense sir. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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