Why I have completely changed my view on Safex!



Pretty new to the crypto stuff but been rather involved doing a lot of looking into multiple projects over months. I wanted to get in on the ground floor of one project while being invested in the major players and really thought this was worth my risk. I bought in a good range after the wallet spike around 240 sat (give or take some bought in the stages between 250 and 200)and at least think I have a good shot not losing much money at 100,000 coins. I liked that Dan is in Japan this week while the Chinese market looks a little bleak. It could open up some doors here soon with people wanting to move elsewhere with the blockchain releasing and others looking to move into other ICOs, I hope I was right and really look forward to an update any day now!


I disagree about it being a pirate ship !
It is a ship, but you don’t see a cross and bones do you ?
I is a merchant ship !
It does not display a banner (anonymous) !
It could be your ship or it could be mine !


I agree with @thxo1138: it’s merchant ship… but i suppose people see what they want to see


Nikola has been already making a full redesign and asset update to the visualization of the site. Since he’s now with us almost 7th week now, he has an excellent grasp and vision of the project.

Initially I just gave visual queues which he implemented immediately. Over this time his experience and feelings for the project will start to come out personally and you’ll see more visceral details to the Safex vision.


Keep the pirate ship! It will be easily remembered and associated with Safex/Chille!


SafeX is an excellent idea with massive potential and once the Chille market place is up and running I can see huge growth in both the coin price and the market place itself!! Chille market place will be bigger then Ebay in 5 years time! and I got every ounce of confidence that @dandabek and the team will take us to great heights and will not fail us. Looking forward to the Chille release at the end of the year! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: To the moon people :rocket::rocket::facepunch:


Dear Safex holders ,

Did you participate in the contest ?

About price prediction by new year

Go to … Other Topics
… Contest
… guess the price by New Year’s Eve
… if exact win 1000 Safex

Have a good one