Why I have completely changed my view on Safex!

I discovered SafeX, like a lot of people here, through the many youtube videos that have appeared in recent months. There was a lot of hype and speculation on short term prices movements, and I saw another chaincoin pump and dump in the making. After looking at the old website and completing further initial analysis I was confident there was easy money to be made by taking a short term position. Buy in, ride the momentum, then get out before the whole thing crashed.

The point came where it was time for me to exit, as I had made a nice return on my initial purchase.

Before I sold, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to look a bit further into the project. I’m glad I did.

After watching Daniel Dabek’s 40 min audio interview on youtube, I realised that this was far from a pump and dump coin. The potential returns from this project if the team keeps on going in the direction it is going, are huge.

To those of you that still have concerns about putting money into or holding on to your current investment in SafeX.

There were mistakes made with the communication of the wallet release. There will be many more mistakes made going forward, as new problems that need to be solved come to the surface. As I have said in a previous post, what is important is how Daniel and the team deal with those mistakes. After watching the latest video of Daniel and Milan discussing with complete transparency what went wrong. I’m happy to say that I will not only be holding my current positions, but dollar cost averaging going forward.

If Daniel can continue to recruit people of Milan’s caliber to the project, and follow their advice. I’ll soon be recommending SafeX to friends and family. Keep up the good work, you’re going in the right direction.

I would be interested in hearing about how others found out about SafeX, and how you feel about the project going forward.



I found out about SAFEX through a video and have been following the work of Dan & Team since that video. Have purchased SAFEX and am interested in supporting the company in whatever way possible.


Absolutely agree, I’ve been following since I watched Dans video, I don’t not care about the pump and dumpers, this is more than a coin and Dan knows this, I’m a big believer in the project and will be here for years. As far as all the noobs selling out, that’s fine, gives me a great oopportunity to keep buying at a low price :blush:

There are very few coins that I actually believe in, this is one off them!



Mistakes are usually always made, it’s the growing pains of building something. I heard about his one youtube. Seemed like a pump and dumb, but I noticed it wasn’t really following the general trend of other cryptos at the time so I started purchasing it. Fairly cheap still also, so easy for people with smaller amounts of funds to get into, and be positive about. Something in such early phases as this will have issues, that the team will work through.


Thanks for your support guys <3 it’s always appreciated when someone realizes what we’re truly doing for the community and crypto scene!


Great to see all the positivity guys. I’m tellin’ ya, development and hitting deadlines is half the battle. The community pitching in, constructive feedback, positive outlook, persistent two-way communication… this is the remaining 50%.

I am glad the price dipped as low as it did, now all the “to the m00000nnn!!11eleven” folks are going to temporarily drift away to the next coin.


I concur that there appear to be two emerging classes of individuals interested in CryptoCurrencies - Speculators, and those who are looking for early-stage, long-term investments in unique Cryptos.

One of the most important features of SAFEX, I believe, is it fits into a diversified portfolio of cultures. Serbia is a unique byproduct of West and East. There is the Western connection to innovation, creativity, and a nod to privacy. There is the Eastern connection to solidarity, social inclusion, yet the nod to privacy. It appears that the blend of these cultural identities combines all of these features into a single cryptocurrency.

Combine SAFEX with, say, OMG, NEO, XRP, CVC, XEM, XLM, and others, and you begin to broaden the cultural diversification of an investment portfolio - one that can weather the storms of speculation, yet provide solid returns and interesting engagement with projects and the Teams behind them.

As SAFEX develops, I hope that there will be room for the Team to begin connecting with some of the other Teams across the globe to create unique synergies, to explore new approaches to marketing & communications, and to mentor new projects coming online that have relevancy, share values, and provide horizontal and vertical networks in support of SAFEX.

Glad to be part of a committed group!


Nice @Kyle! Go SAFEX, go @dandabek, go @molex , go ME :rofl:


i can only agree :slight_smile:


I have SAFEX coins, but im starting to wonder, what makes SAFEX a good crypto?

As far as i can tell, this coin is aimed at total anonymity, but no where in the promotional video does it say how this is achieved. The video essentially explains the very basics of how cryptos work, as in you can send them quickly across the world using the internet.

I think it needs to be clearer on the website exactly how this coin is safer than other coins, and how it’s more anonymous compared to Monero for example.

A pirate ship is now proudly displayed on the front page. So i’m assuming we are now aiming at the illegal market for drugs etc. A pirate ship on the website will scare off any reputable companies from supporting this coin. This means SAFEX has doubled down on this coin being 100% anonymous, and I just want to know how this is actually achieved.

Safex is on the Bitcoin blockchain at this time. We are building Chille Blockchain which will bring in the anonymity features. It is in fact being built on cryptonote, which is the reference implementation that monero is built on.

Safex is becoming a complete ecosystem whereas with monero you still rely on using 3rd party websites.

The website being prepared with more information. That “pirate ship” is not that… it is a merchant ship and Safex is ushering in the Digital Merchant Economy.


Thats great, but it’s not on your website.

That’s the problem, nobody knows this. It needs to be more obvious on the front page of your website.
Explain all these things on a whole page called ‘anonymity’ on your website, so we can understand exactly why this coin is good, and how it’s better etc. I like SAFEX, but i feel like its message is a bit muddled at the moment.

The ship makes me instantly think of pirate bay though… Sorry, but that ‘merchant ship’ message will be lost on most people.

p.s i wish you success, just trying to help constructively :slight_smile:


There is plenty of time to work on the marketing side of things later on down the track. While you definitely raise some valid points. I can not see how at this stage your suggestions would help get the project up and running.

You have direct access to the founder of the project through this forum, who has directly answered your question. Surely that is worth a hell of a lot more than some text on a webpage. Plenty of time for marketing when the chili blockchain is live and the market place is operational.

The best form of marketing in the age of hype, is a working product. I personally want to buy up as much SafeX as I can while the price is still low. For purely selfish reasons the last thing I want to see is any form of marketing which could bring new investors into SafeX before the marketplace is close to going live.


Hate to agree, but I do, about the ship. It’s cool looking but an icon for piracy for the layman.

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This is a great point. I don’t think many people understand just how early in the project they’ve gotten involved. To catch something this early is really uncommon. I also think this is one of the first times in history where you can invest in a company, have direct communications almost instantaneously with the founder and important members, and also communicate with the other investors. It’s great because you can be kept so up to date but it’s also weird because you’re literally so up to date, you’re updated before updates are released haha.


I want to say one thing however. It is ok to make mistakes but you need to have transparency. If there are going to be delays you need to keep everyone updated. I love the idea but I feel this project has a poor business acumen behind it.

Milan your job is really important and you need to keep the programmers In check and bring this business flare this project needs to be successful.

Remember there are plenty talented artists, musicians bla bla that never make it and sometimes it’s the less talented ones with a business brain that pile the cash in.

I’m invested in this so I just want the best for the project :octopus:


An updated white paper or video that gives the investor a projection as to where the project stands, quarterly objectives, whether met or not at least gives traction/incentive to be on board. Where will Safex be Q1 2018? My understanding is that if I own 20 000 000 safex that I’m a 1% owner of Safex. Shouldn’t I have an idea of when the team will begin working on the Chille Blockchain and have a vote as to the look of the logo or platform?


@aston The team is already working on chille blockchain join the slack group


This is a lot of groups lol. Thank you Eddie


how do i join the slack group?