Why Safex is the next big thing to invest?

Safex the Next Bitcoin and the Next Amazon at the same time

Safex Cryptocurrency was created with an actual purpose - To change the World

Safex is an eCommerce platform decentralized into the blockchain.
Safex is a blockchain technology and eCommerce platform.
Safex is cryptocurrency and software.
Safex is the new Bitcoin and the new Amazon.

The Safex marketplace also known as TWM * The World Marketplace * is the ultimate platform for Crypto Shopping.

The Safex Market has already thousands of products listed and being sold as you read this article, you can check them at safex.ninja or you can download the official wallet https://safex.org/wallet

Why Safex is the next big thing to invest ?

Simply because you cannot have negative sales !

You earn safex cash while you sleep literally.Each sale on the Safex Marketplace is conducted with safex cash (SFX) and charges a flat 5% fee.
This fee is distributed automatically and regularly to those who lock in (stake) their Safex Tokens (SFT).

  • Safex Token holders or better hodlers will always shop from the Safex Marketplace as they earn a 5% for every sale …

  • Safex miners can convert their profits into actual real life daily products such as coffe. (2 Day Shipping)

  • Safex Sellers will use some of their Safex Cash to buy stuff from TWM.

  • Equal CPU Mining - Anyone with a strong Cpu can mine Safex with the One Click Miner.Safex Cash increasing distribution making it attractive to current and future miners.

  • Anyone can start selling products and services for free. All you need is to lock 1000 Sft for 22,000 blocks (~30 Days).

  • Even if the number of sales globally is zero (which is impossible) , still you don’t lose anything.

  • Merchants will be able to sell their products at lower prices.

  • Buyers will be able to shop fast,cheaper with anonymity and data privacy.(completely anonymously with a po box address).

  • Bull Run or Bear Market ,FOMO or FUD ,sell or buy,is there a crash coming… No more worries - with Safex you are STAKED !!!
    People will always buy food,clothes and stuff.

  • The Safex Token & Safex Cash price is irrelevant with your earnings ,it doesn’t matter if the SFX price is 20$ or 0,01$ for instance if a products sells for 10 SFX (with 1 SFX at 20$) or for 20000 SFX (with 1 SFX at 0,01$) you still earn exactly the same amount of dividends.All you need is sales.

  • Safex has a very passionated and devoted leader and community with the mission to actually help the man kind by giving the opportunity to buy and sell goods and services globally faster at lower prices anonymously, legally, with just a few clicks and that’s just the beginning.

  • Safex is not a company.It is crucial that Safex is not a company but only a protocol that allows users to trade with each other.

  • Everyone has equal rights !!! The whole system works in favor of the user, not the marketplace owner.

  • Buying and selling real products and services with crypto without even having to buy crypto and expose your personal details.
    All you need is a strong Cpu and boom you’re in. Mine Safex Cash shop and hold the rest as an investment.

  • Safex has its own exchange xcalibra.com

  • Everyone who has stake some Safex Tokens,every Safex seller and every Safex Miner will use the Safex Marketplace to buy their daily products as they earn dividends.
    If you owned a coffee shop would you buy coffee from another shop ?

  • The unique Safex.org Knowledge base and Safex Tutor will answer any questions you may have https://safex.org/safex-knowledge-base/

Safex is the future of cryptocurrency and eCommerce.


WE DO ENCOURAGE YOU TO MAKE YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND when you do YOU will understand that Safex has a huge potential to change the world.


Nicely explained Athan!

Everytime I read an article like this, I mistakenly believe that others will be as excited and motivated as we hodlers and rush to the marketplace, but that just doesn’t happen.

Far as I know, the merchant seller feature has not yet been enabled, which when coupled with a robust mobile app, I believe will be a HUGE incentive that will open the floodgates and drastically increase the popularity of safex.market and the TWM.

But what’s holding this next leap back I feel is that there’s just too much complexity and lack of a highly capable and well-funded infrastructure in place to get the project to this next point. We’ve seen attempts at increased marketing with public relations firms brought on-board and give-aways, but these remain largely unsuccessful because the product and the project are very much incomplete.

I personally see safex.market and TWM as a niche ecommerce. Most of the public aren’t ready for what crypto, decentralization and anonymity have to offer. I hear time and again how many people love the ease and convenience of shopping on Amazon. That segment is not suddenly going to switch to safex. If safex.market could model itself and services similar to Amazon, and there are many great shopper and merchant features available through Amazon, I think there is a large segment that would really be intrigued and adopt the Safex Blockchain, market and TWM.

But I don’t see this happening anytime soon, until at least at some point when a finished and robust product is available (i.e. completed TWM v2 and mobile app, merchants enabled with their own ability to buy and sell, continuing expansion of features and tools, and an ever expanding product inventory).

I’d love it though if all of the sudden there is a new update to prove me wrong :pray: