Why would Marko from Xcalibra ghost me? And why would

Have been trying to get control of my Xcalibra account since around the 6th of this month. I have a new phone and my Xcalibra 2FA is lost… so I have approached support and sent thru a new photo of myself holding my drivers license… anyway, its now the 24th and ‘Marko’ from ‘support’ has completely ghosted me??? Wtf Xcalibra support??
And today I find Coin Market Cap has Safex Token listed as ‘Market data is untracked’
I also see ‘Safex Store’ as a web address is forsale??

Needless to say I am wondering what these three happenings have in common?? Anyone?

Same story, support is horrible. Already contacted all i could except Daniel probably. Can’t get my withdrawal over 2 months now. They did a mistake in transaction and didn’t send me anything. Last reply was
“We have received the info from our technical team info that the transaction is identified and in queue to be resolved soon. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and we will do everything in our power that it does not happen again.” And over 3 weeks nothing happened.

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I also have one ‘Processing’ withdrawal for 7 days so far. Before I didn’t had issues, but also it was long time ago from my last withdrawal. Maybe @dandabek can put some light on this issue

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Thank you, I appreciate the reply!.. and information on what to expect from Xcalibra support!

On the other that I mentioned;
Coin Market Cap will ‘semi’ de-list a token if it is not being traded… All of the Safex Tokens are held by their respective owners and like myself, had no intention of selling/trading etc them. Out on a limb… I think this is why Safex Token has been relegated.

Safex.Store is forsale … on ‘Dan.com’ and by an independent name from what I can see… if anyone had strong intentions of opening a independent Safex store then what better name??

As for the Safex business model, the international economic/war pressures as well as local, and Safex Token owners expectations… they are all fluid!

Its time to let it all pan out as it will in its own good time!

All due respect but why would the last comment be relegated as ‘FUD’ and their voice silenced?
This is with respect to the comment by Andrew_Paul that I read in my emails.
Does he not as an investor and participant in the Safex project and this discussion have a right to express his thoughts??
Looking at his history he has been a vocal supporter throughout… but as soon as he expresses doubt he gets side lined!
Come on! Seriously! My question is 'Why would you?"

His comment was indeed FUD and it deserved what it got.

So… can you shed some light on the silence? It is after-all part of the issue that seems to be gaining ground. And as a custodian of this website you must have direct access to those above??
Silence is not necessarily golden when some time now has passed on all social media sites… and yes I have looked well beyond this website. Your honest thoughts?

This is Safex forum, not Xcalibra forum, so I don’t expect that part of your OP will get an answer.

As for cmc, the “Market data is untracked” has been happening intermittently for literally years.

As for the Safex.store website for sale, I have no idea who the owner of the domain name was, so have no idea why they have chosen this time to list it for sale.

As you can see from my non-answers, there’s a reason why I didn’t bother to reply earlier, as I really had nothing of value to add.

BTW my withdraw request from 21st of June got processed today

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:rofl: Good on ya… patience, it appears, is a virtue.

I haven’t heard boo from Marko… I think he must have put it in the to-hard-basket. Mind you based on your experience I am just not patient enough!! :innocent: