Will the marketplace be decentralized?

After a search, there are some forum posts about how the Safex marketplace will be decentralized. But a few of the links are dead. Sorry if this question is somewhat newbish. Seems like the answer would be “Of course the Safex marketplace will be decentralized! What does this look like? EOS?!” But I’d just like to hear how exactly it will be “decentralized”. Will it adopt a similar model to thepiratebay? Thepiratebay has had the might of the U.S movie and music industries thrown at it, in many different attempts to take it down. Thepiratebay remains. It is outside of their power to control thepiratebay. Billions of dollars and armies of lawyers could not bring it down. Will the safex marketplace be the same way?


The way that the Safex Marketplace is decentralized is in that: all activity related to listing and clearing a product is taking place on the blockchain directly.

So every action you do to your product listing is via a transaction to the blockchain telling it what is the current state of your offering.

When people buy from the listing they send coins directly to the address on the blockchain.

When you want to check what products are available you query the blockchain and pull out the active product listings at your will. And you can engage product listings as you please (assuming you qualify for the seller)

The only way to kill the marketplace is to kill each and every single node in the world and erase their harddrives because the activity of the marketplace are recorded the same way money movement are recorded in bitcoin safex and all blockchain currencies.

This means that at any time you can restore the whole contents of the world marketplace.


Are there any concerns about speed of marketplace since (almost) everything will go through transactions and transactions needs confirmations which can take some time ?

Comment from Discord in early June (not yesterday, as the pic implies)


In that case I am afraid that first version of MP can be slow, which will not be welcomed by customers. But lets hope for the best

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Current average block times of 2 minutes aren’t a significant wait. It isn’t like you’ll have to sit and wait an hour to buy something.

Faster will be better, but seriously, a couple of minutes… you wait that long for a cup of coffee when you buy it.


That is not much

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Given the ahem… things that will be on the marketplace, people would gladly wait 10 minutes. But I agree with you, getting that wait time down would be a real big help. I am also curious to know how many nodes there will be, and in how many different countries. Gotta get this thing to be extremely numerous, and all over the world. Make it like bitcoin, just too difficult to stop. And so they won’t bother trying.


Thank you @aussiesloth. Do you have a link to the Safex Discord? It sounds like a great place to learn more about this great project.



Invites are currently disabled for the Discord, but are likely to be reactivated again in the coming weeks/months.



Dan said the opposite of this on Discord today. He says he will never reopen it.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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You have a snapshot of this statement?

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I believe the comment was made in jest if you look at the context of the conversation happening at the time.

Whats the big deal about discord? Why keeping it close? No point or at least i don’t get it

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Hello @gcraftjr

Here is the screenshot.


I’m not sure what @Rich.bate means when he mentions the context of the conversation. I read it and I don’t see any reason to believe he wasn’t serious.

They shut down the Discord five months ago now. If they had any intention to open it, they would have done it by now. It’s completely ridiculous.

Thank you and have a nice day @gcraftjr.

Yeah ive seen it. It will reopen. People need to stop taking things so litteral. It was a joke statement.

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Hi @gcraftjr

Hopefully you are correct. This has been going on for long enough.

But there has been no indication of any desire to ever reopen Discord.

Thank you for your response and have a nice day.

To be honest, the discord has been much better since it was closed. Before I was always hesitant to post there due to the dominating and often toxic behaviour of some. But that’s just my experience, maybe others think differently.

In my opinion, a new “main” discord for mainly marketplace users (i.e SFX users/holders) would be a good idea.
Then keep the older one by invite only for investors (i.e SFT holders)


The discord channel was in fact 100% and became a toxic environment until it was closed to new registrations.

You had people simply shilling random scams, and discouraging people as well as complaining especially about lambos and moon landings and deadlines. It is not productive at all.

We are already implementing a new strategy, and even if/when it is reopened it will not be my recommended place to learn or work out things Practical about the safex marketplace.

It will be on this forum or another channel: not where you can jump in, make a mess of the project progress for people and then jump out without consequences.

Yes the marketplace is decentralized on the safex blockchain proof of work mining


Good ideas, thanks